ASP .Net Course

About Profound .NET Course?

Microsoft .NET is a Framework which provides a common platform to Execute and Run the applications developed in various programming languages. It supports various types of applications, such as Windows-based applications and Web-based applications. The code based on the .NET Framework can integrate with any other code.

C# is a general purpose object-oriented programming language with features to make programs more robust. It is a highly ranked programming language and combines the best features of Visual Basic, C++ and Java. ASP.NET is an effective and flexible technology for creating interactive and dynamic web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

Duration: 76 hrs.
Pre-requisite: Good Knowledge of C# Programming.
  • Introduction to Web Application
  • Architecture Of Web Application
  • Introduction to web Server-IIS
  • Creating Virtual Directory in IIS
  • History of web pages
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to HTTP
  • Introduction to Scripting
    • Client Side Scripting(java Script, VB script, jquery)
    • Server side scripting(Asp, PHP, Asp.Net)
    • Features of Asp.Net Over Classical Asp
  • Asp.Net Web Server Controls
  • Basics of Controls
  • Types of Controls
    • List Controls
    • Intrinsic Controls
    • Rich Controls
    • Data Controls
    • Validation Controls
    • HTML Controls
  • ViewState Feature
  • Features of Asp.Net Web Server Control Over HTML Controls
  • Asp.Net Architecture
  • Application Life Cycle
    • Application Pool
    • Worker Process
    • Application Domain
  • Page Life Cycle
  • HTTP Pipeline Objects
  • Intrinsic Objects
  • State Management
  • What is State of an object?
  • What is State Management?
  • Why State Management?
  • How to Manage State?
  • Types of State Management
  • Client Side
    • ViewState, Querystring, Cookie
  • Server Side
    • Application
    • Session (Inproc and Outproc)
  • User Control And Custom Control
  • What is and why User control?
  • Difference between User and Custom Control
  • Creating User and custom Control
  • @Register Directive
  • Master Pages, Themes and CSS
  • What and Why Master Pages, Themes and CSS?
  • Differentiate Master Pages, Themes and CSS
  • ContentPlaceHolder Control
  • Content Control
  • Applying Master page to Content Page
  • Retrieving Master page Control to Content Page
  • Nesting of Master pages
  • Creating Named and Default Skin files And CSS file
  • Using Themes And CSS to pages
  • ADO.Net
  • Data Binding in Asp.Net
  • Advantages of Data Binding in
  • Data Binding Expressions
  • Different Datasources
  • DataSource Controls
  • SqlDataSource Control properties
  • Populating Grid view With SqlDataSource Control
  • Insert, Update, Delete Operations using Sqldatasource Controls
  • Populating Grid view using stored procdure with sqldatasource control
  • Enabling DataSource Control for caching
  • Customising Grid view control using Template field
  • Details View Control
  • Object DataSouce Controls
  • Creating Custom business object (entity) for Object DataSource Control
  • Binding Custom Business Object
    • XMLDataSource Control
    • Navigation Controls
    • SiteMapDataSource Control
  • What is LINQ?
  • Why LINQ in .Net?
  • Features of LINQ
  • DataContext in LINQ
  • Structure of LINQ Query?
  • Syntax Of LINQ Query
  • LINQ To Object
  • Query Operators in LINQ
  • Caching
  • What is Caching?
  • Need Of Caching?
  • Types Of Caching
    • Page Cache
    • Partial/fragment Caching
    • Data Caching
    • Expiration in Data Caching
  • Sql Cache Dependancy
  • Cache Dependancy
  • VarybyParam, VarybyControl
  • AJAX
  • What is AJAX?
  • Why AJAX?
  • Features Of AJAX
  • What is Asynchronous PostBack?
  • How To Ajaxify application
  • AJAX Extension Controls
    • Script Manager
    • Update Panel ,Triggers,Update Mode
    • Update Progress
    • Timer Control
  • Ajax Toolkit Controls
  • Web Services
  • What is Web Service?
  • Why Web Services?
  • Components of Web Services
  • Creating Web Service
  • Hosting Web Service
  • Consuming Web Service and creating proxy
  • Calling Web Service from client
  • Calling Web Service from AJAX
  • Membership And Roles
  • What is Authentication And Authorization
  • Why Security?
    • Types of Authentication and Authorization Forms Authentication, Windows Authentication, Passport Authentication, Anonymous Authentication
  • Managing Security using Website Admin Tool and Programatically
  • aspnet_regsql
  • Roles Management
  • Creating, Deleting, Authenticating roles using Roles Class
  • Creating, Editing, Deleting and Authenticating users using Membership and Membership users class
  • Personalization and Localization
  • What is Personalization?
  • What is Profile?
  • How to create, Manage profile
  • Anonymous Profile Management
  • Localization and globalization
  • Create Resource file
  • MVC-Introduction
  • What is MVC?
  • Why Asp.Net MVC?
  • Compare Asp.Net MVC and WebForm
  • Architecture of Asp.Net MVC
  • Inroduction to Model, View Controller
  • Deployment
  • What is Deployment?
  • Way To Deployment
    • Web Setup Project
    • Click Once Deployment
    • Copy Web Site
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Why Java Course at Profound is Different than other Java Classes ?

  1. 1. Strong focus on Placement and proven track record of placed students with MNCs in the field of .NET.
  2. 2. .NET Course contents have been designed by understanding the need of Industry and level of Fresher / student. Which makes Duration and Contents of course intensive than any other .NET Classes.
  3. One on One attention by Trainers fulfilling need of every student.
  4. Well equipped Class rooms available for Concept Sessions, Project discussions, Presentations, Brain storming giving feel of Corporate Environment
  5. Ample Lab facility available free of charge for exploring world of .NET.
  6. Extensive practical hands-on on every Topic guided by a Lab Trainer which helps in removing coding fear of a student.
  7. Design and Development of deadline oriented Real time projects under guidance of Experts provides feel of how to survive in competitive world.
  8. Exhaustive tests on each concept, on-line MCQ tests practice raises student's confidence in facing Recruitment exams held by Companies.
  9. Along with Technical competence, emphasis given for preparing Fresher on Interview skills and other Soft skills.
  10. Sincere efforts to build Technical competency in Fresher to make him Employable in Industry.

.Net Classes FAQs

Because computer programming is heavily dependent on programmers’ ability to think logically. Logical thinking is the first prerequisite for .NET Course. Knowledge of programming i.e. to be able to make use of appropriate variable types, arrays, strings, loops and develop a program which achieves correct output. So knowledge of C is required. Since C# is object oriented, knowledge of C++ will be an added advantage.
C# is currently the most used language in the development of third-party apps for Windows. It also is a very popular language on mobile devices, including the Windows phone.ASP.NET is a mature web platform that provides all the services to build server-based Web Applications. .NET Classes at Profound Edutech aims to provide fresher in depth knowledge on C# and ASP.NET so that at the end of course they can develop GUI for Web Applications, Create web services, and deploy Web Applications.
C# is simple if you know C, C++. So in our .NET Course, we do C and C++ first even before starting C#. After completing C# we move to ASP.NET as it requires strong knowledge of C#.
Cross platform is key to the success of .NET. NET / C# can be used to build augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. .NET developers now can build applications for Samsung devices including TVs and mobile. Google has joined .NET foundation to be part of .NET open source group. .NET developers can build pretty much any kind of applications they want. So as a .NET developer only sky is limit for you.